Monday, January 11, 2010

Meeting Julia

Today Julia and I celebrated our 38 and ½ year anniversary. After 38 years of marriage most people would only celebrate the yearly anniversary. To be truthful that is what we normally do. But today was not a normal day. Today was Julia’s celebration service as she went home to be with Jesus. We didn’t have a 60th birthday party for her on Thanksgiving day, but today was a party. It was a party honoring her, and celebrating the Goodness of God. God is Good; Julia helped me see that in so many ways. I begin this blog not having a clue as to what it will be or become. I just know that it is something I am supposed to do. I’m tired, it’s late so this will be short. I remember tonight the first time I looked into her deep blue eyes. I felt like I was being pulled deep into a place where I didn’t really want to go, but yet because of those eyes, a place where I needed to go. We met in April 1971. I was in Air Force Pilot Training in Lubbock Texas, and I was flying home on a cross-country training flight. We met on a blind date, and after being pulled in by those blue eyes, I asked her to marry me. The shock was that she said yes.


  1. What a precious gift to all of US - thank you for allowing us a glimpse into the past and to come along through all the sweet memories. love you!

  2. looking forward to following your blog Tom! i feel like a kid reading a storybook a chapter at a time. dont forget to keep writing! cant wait to read more of your story together :)
    love you

  3. this is so neat.... I look fwd to more Julia stories and pictures to come.
    Brent and I remember yall sharing this story of the blind date and the fast engagement. You both had such a smile on your faces as you told the story. So cool.
    Can't wait to see pictures of that new little baby Julia too!! = )
    Thank You Jesus!!!!

  4. Tom, thank you! Tom, you and Julia have shown us just how wonderful life together can be after 38 years together, how to be passionate for each other and how to be pasionate together for Jesus and for all He has for the two of you! Thank you! Your example not only has given us hope that we're not living a pipedream believing that marriage gets better and better regardless of what so many say, but now you'rs seting out to unveil the way you two have grown together in love and passion over the years and through the joys and hardships you've faced. And to be honest I cannot think of a more profound gift you can give those of us who follow in your footsteps. Thank you! We love you, brother!