Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 20 - Keeping an Appointment

I slept well last night. After I finished the blog, I watched a movie “Men of Honor” with Cuba Gooding. As I began the movie, I realized that I was feeling “lighter”. I believe just writing about the day helped me to come out from under any lingering effects. I felt so good that I even thought about writing an addendum to the blog. Obviously I didn’t, but I was amazed at how I felt so good at the end of the day. That feeling has carried over through out the day today. Julia and I have been on the board of Latin Impact Ministries for years. I can’t even remember how many. Russell and Kerri Black have a mission base in Homestead FL, and minister all over Latin America. Their ministry is to the local churches in these countries, they are an encouragement and blessing to many, and especially to us. It has been an honor for both of us to be whatever help we have been to them. We always look forward to this time of year to get together with them for our “board meeting”. It is really more of a time to catch up with all that God is doing with all of us. We have had this meeting on our calendar for a couple of months. Well it was still a good meeting, just one person short. I really missed Julia’s presence and just have her entering into the conversation. But in that missing her, I know that she was there and that it was OK.

Russell came home with me, and we have been hanging out all day. We went to see “The Book of Eli” today. It was a great story, a lot of prophetic implications about having the word in you, not as a book to manipulate others. Once again I was just thinking about sharing with Julia what I felt I was getting from the movie, when I realized that she wasn’t there. It’s moments like this that take me by surprise. But once again today I knew that it was OK, and I didn’t really feel “empty”, at least not today. The day was dreary, and cold. It would have been an easy day to let myself go and feel bad, but I know that God had a different agenda for me, and I am so glad. His joy is everlasting, and the Kingdom is one-third joy. So today has been full of joy: the joy of reconnecting with old friends, the joy of just hanging out with the guys, watching a movie and having a burger at Five Guys. I am grateful for many things. Probably one of the things I am most grateful for is that God gave me a passionate heart. Passion is the fuel that I live on. If I can't be passionate about something, I don’t want to be involved. What are you passionate about? What are your dreams? Your dreams are probably wrapped up somewhere in your passions. So if you don’t know what our dreams are, you should begin to explore your passions. If you spend enough time praying into them, you will find your dreams. To many people, especially young people, spend way to much time worrying about what they are supposed to do. They get caught up in the “paralysis of analysis”. All of a sudden they find that 1,5 maybe even 10 years have passed and they are still looking for their “ministry”. I might be naïve, but I really feel that if you just start doing, no matter what it is that you are doing, or how small it seems to be, then God can use that to lead you into the next step. It’s like He wants us to be moving to direct us. If we are not moving, then it’s like he waits to tell us anything until we start.

So, I’m not young, but I still have a destiny. In order to reach my destiny I have to keep moving, moving toward the things I’m passionate about. I am passionate about releasing the Kingdom of God in my sphere of influence. I’m passionate about healing. I’m passionate about bringing others into their destiny, setting the captives free. What are you passionate about? Move toward those passions and begin to reach your destiny. In the midst of this know this one truth: God is good, all the time.


  1. I am a high school friend of Lisa. We recently lost my father-in-law in a tragic tree cutting accident. He was full of life and died unexpectedly, as it seems your wife did. I have been walking with my mother-in-law, hand in hand, as she learns to live without her husband of 33 years. You are in my prayers! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. I was at one time your neice, Thurla was married to my father Scott. I am so sorry to hear about your loss and have been praying for the whole family. I will never forget Thanksgivings spent at your house, passing around cranberries saying what we were all thankful for. I truly enjoy your blog and think it is a wonderful way to share with and inspire others who might be facing similar situations.
    With Love,
    Lisa Caraway Woodcock.

  3. Because of having two little ones, I don't get blog time everyday... so today is Feb 3 and I am taking a moment to catch up on my blogs. But I believe God's timing is perfect on this one that I read it TODAY. WOW! I am so there with what you were saying. I am going to continue to process this today and pray about some things.