Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 7 - A Good Day

Wow! Here I am by myself. Right now it is not as bad as I thought it would be. I know that it will be at times, but today is a good day. I got up this morning and helped Lisa pack the car. I made them breakfast and spent a little time with them and then left for church around 10AM as they finished up packing and then left after I did. This morning I felt expectant, like something was going to happen. I was listening to the same CD as yesterday, but the Holy Spirit was moving me in a different way. As I drove down Stilesboro Rd to church I began to declare Divine Justice. Divine Justice for my loss of Julia, for her granddaughter’s loss of her. Divine Justice for her daughter’s loss of her.

I found myself yelling in the car, roaring in the Spirit and calling out to God pleading my cause. I was energized even before I got to church. It was good seeing people. I was able to get a lot of hugs and smiles from many of my friends. Worship was awesome. Daniel had some new songs that were great, plus all the other songs. The message was challenging. Mark called us all to really be disciples. That we need to be “doing the stuff” not just talking about it. There was an expectant spirit today. I felt that we have taken a step up in the Spirit, and we are expecting MORE.

After lunch with friends I made a trip to Costco. I finally got home, and looked around. The house is empty. Julia is not here physically, but everywhere I look I see her touch. She is watching, I know it. I could feel and almost see her during worship. She was such an intercessor; I know that she is still interceding for us all. But now, she has a direct line. No, she is not here, and I will miss her, but I am comforted the things that I can see as well as what I don’t see. There are a lot of things I have to learn. I changed the sheets, and made the bed. That I can do. But how do you fold a fitted sheet? Especially when it is queen size. Well, I will learn tomorrow. Oh, I did find the camera. It was still in her suitcase from when we came back from the conference last week. There are a few things that are still missing, but I know that they will show up.

God is so good, and He loves us so much. I am so glad He left the Holy Spirit with us as a comforter. Today is Sunday. It has been a good day. All is well, and life will continue. I think I will watch 24 now. I know that Jack needs my help.


  1. I've got the answer on the fitted sheet---Annie just posted a blog video showing how to do it.
    She mentioned in her blog that folding fitted sheets was something she was good at and then had tons of requests for instructions. So she did a video :)
    Happy folding!
    Pam Downs

  2. I smile, laugh and cry identifying with your heart, needs and longings. We rest in the I AM...