Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 16 - Busy, Busy, Busy

Well I went to bed at 12:30 and I was up at 5:45. I was at work in meetings all day from 8 – 4 and then to BSSM at 6. I just walked in at 11PM. I am writing, winding down getting ready for bed, I have to be back at work at 9 AM tomorrow. Man, sometimes I think that I am too busy. But both last night and tonight were so good at school. I was able to check and send emails at Starbucks late this afternoon. The bad thing was I haven’t had time to run all week. Maybe I will tomorrow afternoon. I talked with Lisa today. She is sick, possibly with the flu. It is a helpless feeling to know that one of your children is sick in another state. Prayer is the first thing you think of, and I did that and I still am. But the enemy tries to bring fear in. Especially since Julia’s illness started with what seemed to be a cold. Perfect love cast out fear, so I made myself focus on Jesus and His love. Instantly the fear was gone, and replaced by righteous anger and more prayer for protection and healing. I’ll talk with her tomorrow.

Danny Silk was talking about many things tonight. He talked some about a culture of Honor. I’ve heard him talk about that many times. But most of the time he spent talking about boundaries. How many people can you control? Can you control your children or your teenagers? Sometimes we try to control our spouse. In reality there is only one person you can control on a good day. That person is you. If you are good, you can control you. It’s amazing how we try to control others. This is a great teaching, one that we all need to learn and implement in our lives. I wish Julia had been there. This was the week that she had planned to come to class. We both learned so much and gained so much from the ministry of Danny Silk. Tonight I found my self getting distracted from his teaching thinking of her.

I remember when we first going to Hawaii. We had finally finished all the schools. I had gone to survival school in Spokane Washington in late November. Julia had flown home to see her folks for the two weeks I was there. Our plan was for me to drive down to San Francisco after my school, pick her up at the airport. Then we had to take our car to the port to be shipped and get the flight to Honolulu. It was fine for her. It was like hell in ice for me. The survival school had us out in the mountains of Washington State alone for a few days. Then we were taken “prisoner” and taken to a simulated Vietnamese prison camp. I won’t go into the things they did to us except to say that what happened to us would now be considered ”torture”. I didn’t think it as such then, and I don’t now. It was preparing us for some of the things we could expect if we were shot down in the war. Then driving back to San Francisco was a nightmare because of the snow and ice. Needless to say, I was glad to see Julia and was looking forward to the beach in Hawaii.

Honolulu in 1971 was overrun with military. There were about 3 Air Force Bases, two Navy bases and a Marine Base on the island of Oahu. Plus the headquarters for all the Pacific fleet was there. When we got there in early December we were expecting to stay in a hotel for 3 to 5 nights. We were in a hotel right down in Waikiki. Tourist paid good money for a place like we had. Here we had Uncle Sam footing the bill. We got settled in, met some people from our squadron and then started looking for housing. That was like looking for a needle in a haystack. There was no housing on the island. It looked like we might be in this hotel room for a year. It’s amazing how small a hotel room can get with two people. It was especially hard on Julia. I would go to work in the squadron; she would be stuck in the hotel. We had a borrowed car; ours was on a boat coming from the mainland. She was already getting homesick. I’ll finish this memory tomorrow night. But I can still see her on the beach in Waikiki.

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