Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Warriors – the dictionary has this definition:

So are you a warrior?  I know that I am.  No, I am not at war physically.  I have been in the past, but not now.  But as a believer, and a son of the King, I am at war spiritually.  Our enemy came to steal, kill and destroy.  I make war through my love.  That’s totally different, and almost impossible to do without the love of Christ in your heart.  But I am still a warrior.  Warriors don’t’ rum from trouble, they embrace it.  Warriors don’t hide from conflict, they engage in it.  Warriors don’t’ try to escape the situation.  No, they use the situation to mold them into better and stronger warriors.

Tonight we saw a presentation by Graham Cooke.  He talked about us being warriors, and I realized that I have become one.  Baby Christians worry about having their needs met, mature Christians move into their inheritance.  There is a big difference.  We have to learn to embrace whatever situation we are in.  God might not have put us in that situation, but He will use it.  That doesn’t mean we need to stop praying for healing.  Quite the contrary: He wants to give us victory over it, and to get it we have to contend for our victory.   When we first get into a situation, obviously we try to get out of it.  But if we find ourselves in it for a long while, then we have to begin looking at what we can learn abd how we can grow, while at the same time contending for change. 

In the midst of our greatest challenges, will come our greatest victories.  Yes, we contend and contend again.  We have to learn to relish the fight and continue to press into all that He is doing.  We are all called to the fight, all called to be warriors.  Wheter we engage or not, that is totally up to us.  The problem is that if we choose not to engage this time, there will always be a next time.  So we may as well learn to fight and stand for something that is worth fighting for.

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